sweetpulp said: it’s been in the works forever! ^_^ i helped conform some of the storyboards while i was interning last summer, nearly a year ago now.

Sweet! I’m super excited for it!

I like how right after I was complaining that adventure time has been sucking hard lately they get Masaaki Yuasa to do an episode, wow wow wow yes please


Sneak peek of Adventure Time “Food Chain” episode written, storyboarded and directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game).


i found a leather jacket made for build-a-bears in my closet so naturally i had to put it on my cat

I just remembered this time I was out for sushi with my family and one of my siblings accidently hit themself in the eye with a puff of air from the wasabi squeeze bottle. I don’t remember which sibling it was because the other three of us all proceeded to do the same thing just to see if a wasabi queef to the eye really hurt that much. It did. At least three of us are idiots, and one is just clumsy.


BucketofChum suggested linking to the “Lascars” film on Youtube. It’s best in high quality but this could be a good chance for folks to check it out at least. The language is Français but there are English subtitles around, it just takes a quick google search.

Warning: this handles adult situations, mature language, drug use and dealing. Posting this film on 420 is an unintended yet hilarious coincidence.


I have looked for cosplay pics of the sundae dress from pokemon xy and can’t find any. Somebody needs to do this so I can live vicariously through them.

I mean it would be hella hard to make so I’m not surprised it hasn’t been done yet. But damn. It’s my dream to wear that thing.


Tiny katamari cousin doodles. (It’s hard to make a gif set look good, just click these buddies).

My l’amour gif dances in perfect time to lonely rolling star… nice

Yū Miyake - Lonely Rolling Star
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This song always manages to cheer me up, even if it’s just a little bit.

Katamari Damacy OST - Lonely Rolling Star

adriofthedead said: i hate lemongrab. so much

haha THE SCREAMING WAS NOT FOR EVERYONE. And personality-wise he’s a little bit uh… Caliborn… like…

pinkminiaturevespa said: the last episode i genuinely enjoyed was blade of grass.. and the red throne with flame princess and cinnamonbun was really cute in the end, but finn is unbearable god..

I agree, blade of grass actually felt like an episode of adventure time! Like it could have fit in with the earlier seasons. Finn and jake having fun adventures just as the title implies. When was the last time we had an episode like that…

Now I have to get my mind off the wasted potential that was lemon kingdom. It was just so creative and bizarre and I was so impressed by how well they pulled off that strange and creepy but still cute and funny atmosphere? And they just fucked it up in unimaginable ways.

continued adventure time spoilery talk…

Wasn’t it great when the lemon kingdom was unsettling on its own without shit like cannibalism and war crimes thrown in?? Why did they even do that? Just to make it official that they’re no longer aiming to entertain kids?

Take me back in time to the age of good lemon episodes and kid-friendly funtimes… 

Sorta spoilery adventure time talk!

I just wanted to add that cinnamon bun and flame princess’ relationship is one thing that really made me smile in recent episodes, but finn’s reaction to it was so incredibly douchey that I find I don’t even like him anymore!

I get embarassed (?? or some other uncomfortable feeling) just thinking of how bad that attempted sad episode centered around LSP was. God that was awful. And lemonhope was like two episodes dedicated to absolutely nothing… this used to be a fun and positive show for all ages, but they’ve all but abandoned that approach :( And all my fave characters have become insufferable.